Monday, 15 April 2013

Worldwide Wardrobe: Cocktails in New York


H&M h m jacket, (£46) / ONLY jumpsuits and romper, (£50) / Call it SPRING pointy-toe pumps, (£45) / Rut Circle clutch, (£18) / Dorothy Perkins rose gold bracelet (£14)

Hi everyone! I am here with another 'Worldwide Wardrobe' post, which I am loving! Sorry for the horrible blue writing underneath the photo but I am so technically impaired and am posting my posts from my phone until I get a new laptop (which is hopefully soon, fingers crossed).
So onto the outfit; the theme for this outfit is 'Cocktails in New York' and was really fun to style this time around because it was so fun to play around with textures and shapes. New York is a very famous fashion capital and is the birthplace of the well known television show Gossip Girl. Because of this I kind of based this outfit on the character Blair, in my opinion the best dressed and classiest character who often wore black and white. I chose to use minimalist colours because I absolutely love black, white and gold together and it looks so simple and slick yet chic and trendy. I based this outfit around the jumpsuit which I found first and loved the shape and fit and thought that a simple white blazer would pull it together. Even though the colours are simple it is a very stand outish outfit so I added a beautiful gold cuff and black patent court shoes to avoid over accessorising and the court shoes are not too high to be unable to walk in. The white envelope clutch is also very classy and fresh looking which ties in very well with the blazer and jumpsuit. I think the whole piece seems very effortless and casual but still dressed up enough for cocktails. I personally love classy and comfortable trouser outfits and think that it is very suitable for cocktails in New York.
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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Worldwide Wardrobe: Sightseeing in Paris

sightseeing in Paris

River Island white and black dress, (£23) /Belted coat, (£40) / Pretty Polly velvet stocking, (£15) / ASOS stretching leather boots, (£37) / H&M zip bag, (£23) / River Island bracelet ring, (£15) / River Island Red ribbed knit beanie hat, (£12)

Hi everyone! So I decided since I am obsessed with Polyvore and styling I should enter the Travel Supermarket fashion competition. This first look is for 'Sightseeing in Paris' and I chose this because it is a comfortable and warm outfit for traipsing the beautiful city of Paris and comfort is key when sightseeing. I based this off of the 'typical' French fashion: stripes, red, black and white but went for a modern twist by swapping the famous beret for a red slouched beanie. I picked the boots because they add a bit of a grunge edge to the outfit which is more my style and they are flat which is a necessity when being on your feet for a long time. For the bag I wanted it to be oversized to fit sightseeing equipment such as cameras, water etc and it suits the versatile striped skater dress well. This is a comfortable and easy outfit put together for sightseeing in Paris.
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