Friday, 1 February 2013

Sorry :(

Why hello there! Where have I been? Lately I have been suuuuperrr busy with school, exams (boo) and illness (double boo) and have rarely had any time to sit down and blog, but that will soon change! I have made a resolution to start blogging again and more frequently as I really enjoy it and would love to start again. So how have you been? Happy delayed new year/February! This month it is going to be my 16th Birthday! And I am going to see one of my absolute favourite bands Darwin Deez!! Cannot wait and I will hopefully post videos and pics from the concert and my birthday. I have a few ideas what I am going to be blogging about and have listed them in my notes so no more delayed blog posts Tia *slaps wrist*.
This year I hope to be happy and succeed in the things that I put my mind to. What are your New Years wishes?
Tia-Rochelle xo

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