Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Worldwide Wardrobe- Full Moon party in Thailand


Lacy dress £19/ Wonderland bikini swimwear £15 / John Lewis £30 / Mango knot bracelet £15 / Fat Face western straw hat £20 / Round sunglasses £18

Hi guys! As you may already know, I am competing in the Money Supermarket Worldwide Wardrobe competition   http://www.travelsupermarket.com/c/holidays/worldwide-wardrobe/  and this is most likely going to be my last entry (mainly due to exams, lack of free time etc). This is probably my favourite because I'm in love with summer wear at the moment and have spent a lot of time lusting after swimwear and while revising, imagining myself wearing them lounging on a beach somewhere other than holed up in my room (anyone else?) so it was fun to play around with the looks.
The first item I pieced together were these GORGEOUS tan leather sandals from John Lewis. I had them saved in my items list on Polyvore for a while and hinted to my mum about how much of a bargain they were and how I needed new sandals (I don't). I could just imagine them leaving footprints on the beautiful Thailand sands. They go perfect with these pretty bikini which I am also in love with. The colour is so versatile and could literally be worn with any other colour and would look lovely with a tan. I added the orange bracelet for a pop of colour and the cowboy hat because it is pretty cool right? Just look at how snazzy it is. The sunglasses were another item on my saved list and I am absolutely obsessed with them. They add a tough edge to the otherwise bohemian/(dare I say) girly outfit and do its job, which is to protect your retinas from the beautiful (but damaging) sun. And now down to my absolute hands down favourite item. The dress/cover-up. It is stunning! As a 2 piece I would remove the underdress and just wear lazily slung over the bikini. Perfect for a Full Moon party in Thailand.


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